What Is Financial Independence To You?

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Financial independence is a term people use to explain a life free from the burden of a 9 to 5.

However, I think it is more than that. I believe financial independence is associated with an independent and self-sufficient personality.

Those who are financially independent have a certain mindset that allows them to take the right action to fulfil their personal and career goals.

Individuals who accomplished their goal of financial independence have cultivated an out-of-the-box thinking. They don’t think as an employee. They don’t beg for a job or a client. They are confident enough to make people come to them and give them money.

Successful entrepreneurs like Pat Flyn, Tim Ferris or Gary Vaynerchuck have created meaningful online services for their followers who pay them money every hour. These packages were designed to satisfy a customer’s need.

This is a level of financial mastery that only a minority of the population reach.

But in order to achieve financial independence you need to know what this term means to you.

You are a unique individual and your ideal life looks completely different than that of Gary Vees’s . Financial independence is directly related to who your true self is and what it means to you to have unlimited money, success and prosperity.

Maybe you won’t be selling digital marketing packages like Gary V or do speaking events. Maybe you will have success coaching people about relationships or making illustrations for children’s books. Maybe you love telling people how to decorate their home – and that’s how your success will come about.

However, success is a relative term.

Wallace Wattles, the author of ‘The science of getting rich’ has a specific understanding of what success is. He believes success is mostly about accomplishing your deepest desires in all areas of your life.

When the inside world matches your outside world that is when you can consider yourself successful.

To find out what success and financial freedom are to you take a piece of paper and answer the following questions:

Who is Rich or Successful Me?

What is Rich Me doing in her day to day life in her rich life? Who is she with? Is she married or single? Who is there with Rich Me to support her and encourage her? What does Rich Me believe about money and success? What negative thoughts or emotions has Rich Me let go of?

Where is Rich Me living, does she travel a lot?

Does she have a car, a house, good friends and good neighbours? Where does she live?

How much does Rich Me earn and is she managing money wisely?

What is Rich Me creating or what did she create? What are people saying about Rich Me?

Is Rich Me relaxed and trusting in her own abilities to manage her own life?

Embody the idea of your financial independence by writing down all the qualities of the future you. You know better who you will become when your financial problems will completely vanish.

You can make vision boards about your ideal life where you finally obtain your financial freedom. And most importantly, you can (and you should) imagine yourself in this ideal rich lifestyle day after day.

Trust me if you work mentally first towards your financial independence your reality will start matching your mental vision.

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