A Lesson In Financial Abundance From Barbie, The Doll

Video still from ‘Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse’

I was watching Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse’ the other day (ran out of Netflix shows to binge) and noticed something that poked right into my scarcity mindset.

Barbie embodies the perfect woman. However, she goes beyond physical appearance to me. She has taken on the identity of a secure, calm, trusting self-sufficient and wealthy female figure. Seeing her closet (it takes 2 days of walking to reach the rear end 😂) made me laugh. However I realised I harbored anger and envy towards this character who has everything she can possibly dream of.

She owns thousands of shoes displayed on shelves in various hues of pink (😂)

suits, jeans, dresses, skirts, and her respectable collection of career wardrobe. (Barbie has 30+ careers)

I’m sure she doesn’t use everything that she owns which triggered the many limiting beliefs I have about money.

One of them being to work very hard and never spend money on something else than the bare minimum. Definitely not on a 2 kilometer long closet full of stuff you don’t use more than once.

My mother would give me these lectures on why it’s not good to waste money. And if I ever lost money by mistake, the hell would break loose in the house.

Yet Barbie wastes money and has no guilt or shame about it.


Because her mindset (she’s a doll, I know) is not one of poverty but of abundance. She surrounds herself with unlimited amount of luxury because she feels deserving of it;

she’s not afraid of not having or not being taken care of. She’s not afraid of spending too much or worse, feeling guilty about it.

she has many friends who get into a contest to decide whose more worthy of being her friend and two boyfriends who constantly fight over her. She has no lack or desperate need to be fulfilled. (isn’t this a lovely state to be in?)

The problem is not in Barbie and her ridiculously rich lifestyle but in me and in my ridiculously rigid limiting beliefs about wealth.

In my opinion, Barbie embodies the ideal self, a self that we’re too afraid to take ownership over.

The self that is in a state of bliss, untethered from lack or limitations, the self that knows exactly that life will for ever offer its abundance to it.

Your Ideal Self

You can get in touch with this ideal self who is wise and trusting of life’s abundance by asking yourself the following questions:

Who am I without the struggle to make ends meet? Who am I without the fears of lack of money, without the doubts that things are working out for me?

For me to become my ideal self, what would I have to give up? Who do I have to embody? What would need to occur in order for my life to go according to my plans?

If I knew that the only cause of my financial abundance is ME, how would I feel? What type of work I’d be doing? How would my world look like?

Take notes and see what thoughts and feelings pop up.

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