Narcissistic Parents and Financial Scarcity: Are They Related?

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2019 was a fulfilling year for me, intellectually speaking. I have read an abundance of books on money and personal development as well as blogs written by financial coaches.

One thing that struck me while reading an article on the spiritual energy of money was the idea that abundant people FEEL differently in comparison with those of poverty-stricken individuals.

Folks who have a good relationship with money and earn their worth FEEL AND ACT AS IF THEY ARE WORTHY. As if they are the most important people you’ll ever meet. Abundant people have an abundance of feelings of self worth and self appreciation.

Whereas those who struggle to make ends meet can’t seem to value themselves. They walk around as if they’re disposable and no one is interested in what they have to say. They have a lack of good feelings about themselves. Moreover, if they do something successfully they’re afraid that someone will find out they’re an impostor, unworthy of their success. (this is called the imposter syndrome)

Those close to me know that I have a narcissistic mother and that I don’t have a relationship with her (or with my other family members).

Being raised by a narcissistic mother is a truly terrifying life experience.

One can’t truly understand it unless they are an adult child of a narcissistic parent. If you’ve never been around a narcissistic person it wil be difficult for you to empathise with those who had.

Books were written on this subject and too many movies were made (Ordinary People, Terms of Endearment, August Osage County, Black Swan and so on) so that narcissistic personalities can be better understood by the the general public.

Anyway, growing up in a family where at least one parent is a narcissist can set you up for financial failure later in life.

Feeling unworthy and the energy of money

Narcissistic Parents have a false self, one that is flawless and can’t ever be blemished by anyone. They portray this self to everyone they meet, including their own children. However deep down, narcissistic parents have a huge amount of self loathing, so much that they use projection to dump onto other people their unwanted feelings of anger and self hate.

Thus, due to the fact that narcissistic parents can’t value or appreciate themselves, not even a bit, they struggle to teach self-esteem and self-worthiness to their own children.

Money is energy and it usually responds to people who know and understand how to handle it.

Moreover, money goes where it is loved and appreciated. If someone hates money, hates themselves or the thing they have to do for money, it doesn’t usually end up well. These people tend to work hard for very little money and complain constantly about their bad luck when it comes to their economical status. They never have more than enough money and they’re not even willing to learn how to improve themselves.

What do narcissistic parents have to do with my financial status?

Well, if you were raised by a narcissistic parent you probably have a hard time thinking you are worthy or even valuable as a human being. And you’re gonna repel money because money goes to those who feel worthy of abundance.

However it is not your fault for feeling like this. You didn’t choose your narcissistic parents so you can’t blame yourself for having the life that you have now.

If you are willing to accept who you are, where you are coming from and understand why you keep going from a financial failure to another it means you have the ability to grow. And overcome your lack mentality.

Feel the abundance

In the words of Abraham Hicks, you need to be in the vibration of abundance and love in order to attract AND maintain a financially abundant reality. The good news is that you CAN create feelings of abundance and self-worth within yourself IN SPITE of your traumatic childhood experience. (don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t)

If you manage to embody the feeling of being abundant before actually becoming financially abundant, you will have more chances to succeed.

Think of abundance as all the air that you have around you, the water and the breathtaking natural beauty. All these are FREE.

Be happy about every little free thing and all-encompassing beauty around you and you’ll create more than enough money and opportunities.

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