You Can Change Your Life In A Day

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably in a dark place. You either have an overwhelming amount of debt that keeps you up at night, lost your job and are barely surviving from one day to the next or are grieving a relationship or a person.

I am sorry and I can tell you I can relate to that. But I just want you to know that it is going to be OK. Your life can change dramatically from one day to another.

If you’re a fan of metaphysics and the law of attraction, it is common in this community for people to talk about ‘instant manifestations.’

Many people I know in a group have turned their life around in one day (some manifested huge amounts of money, others a job or the relationship they wanted) and they did this in a fun and relaxed way.

Money and Your Mental Health

I believe that increasing one’s income has everything to do with how good your mental health is. If you have anxiety or depression it will be harder for you to make more money (let alone keep it). It’s not impossible to make money in a state of low spirits but it’s less common.

Therefore, I urge you to take steps to improve your mental health, even if it’s just sleeping for 2 more hours in the morning or taking a break from the negative stream of thoughts. You can use a tool called ‘journaling’ where you write all your negative feelings and thoughts on a piece of paper. This way you are able to see black on white what’s going on inside your mind.

Psychologists swear by this method, insisting that writing down your worries and fears will help you take distance from them and see them in a different light.

For example, if your negative thought is ‘I never have enough money’, taking a step back from this thought will help you see how false it is (and destructive). The truth is you ALWAYS have money, even if it’s not the exact amount you want to have. Have you ever been without money?

You probably had money even when you were in diapers (some parents set up funds for their kids when they’re born), in school (your allowance, hello!!) and later on (perhaps a parent gave you pocket money or an aunt would stuff money in your pocket whenever she’d visit.

Money is always around us. It is circulating and in free movement from one person to the other. The dynamics of money works in a way that everybody has some money every single day (even if it’s just 1 dollar-that’s still money).

Money And Speed

Financial guru and Law of Attraction coach, Joe Vitale said something interesting in one of his email newsletters. He said that…MONEY LIKES SPEED. Yes, indeed. This means that the faster you jump on that new job offer, the better your chances are to…make money.

Is speed the secret to increasing your wealth in the next couple of days? Perhaps. All I know is that not taking action to get yourself into a desired financial state is self-destructive. Any action is better than just procrastinating on that job search while dreading to see your boss on Monday morning. Being numbed out from your current work stress is not a reason to chill.

So, what are you waiting for? Make that call, send that business proposition, meet that CEO for lunch and wow them with your personality so that you get the job you are truly made for! You deserve a better life and a better, more fulfilling way of generating income.

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