8 Benefits Of Buying In Bulk

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Buying in bulk is now one of the most popular topics around the media. We hear how people hoard food, toilet paper or home supplies due to the current pandemic situation.

However, did you know that you should be buying in bulk year-round? (and not only during special times like these) One of my biggest financial mistakes is to buy food that lasts only a few days or cosmetics (and toiletries) that run out in a week or so. I realized that buying the minimum is actually an activity that reflects a scarcity mindset.

How so?

By only buying the essentials, you’re actually sending a message to your subconscious mind that you don’t have enough money to buy in bulk. Your money is gonna run out soon so you can’t afford to buy a lot of items of the same product. Nevertheless, you should switch to a different mindset. Instead of being afraid to ‘lose’ the money by buying too much at once, tell yourself that it’s beneficial for you in the long term to anticipate your needs.

Knowing you’ll be taken care of when your salary runs out at the end of the month and you have little money to show for is a powerful feeling. Don’t you think?

Below, you’ll find several benefits of buying in bulk and why you should do this-long term!

1. Buying in bulk is cheaper!

Obviously, the biggest advantage of buying in bulk is how much money you’ll save. You’ll not be paying for fancy packaging and branding anymore but for the pure product.

2. It reduces waste

Buying in bulk will reduce packaging and food waste. Think about how much food and plastic you consume, for example when you buy individual packages of rice or pasta! You’re better off buying a sackful of rice!

3. It reduces transportation miles

You won’t be driving to the store much if you have all the food ingredients you need for a month. That saves you gas or money for transportation.

4. Food stays fresher

Because you can buy exactly what you need, you will no longer have old packets of half-used products sitting in the cupboard!

You can, therefore benefit from the freshest produce. Popular bulk food stores have a high stock turnover, which means you are always buying the freshest products. The stores are temperature controlled so the stock is kept at its optimal temperature and cool enough to eliminate the threat of bacteria or pests.

5. Increased sustainability

The manufacture of materials for packaging pulls trees from our forests, dumps contaminated water into our streams and uses enormous amounts of energy resulting in huge levels of CO2 emissions been pumped into our atmosphere! Plastic is a huge environmental threat right now as it is contaminating our world quicker than ever before.

Saying no to plastic and packaging is making a big stand for the type of world you want to see.

6. You’ll shop more consciously

Buying in bulk helps you think about your food waste and the amount of packaging being used. Before you know it you will be thinking of ways to shop more conscientiously in every aspect of your life! Even things like buying almonds in bulk and making your own almond milk can eliminate unnecessary packaging.

Becoming an aware shopper makes a huge difference to the planet and also encourages and inspires those around you to make changes in their own lifestyle!

7. You’ll be happier (by anticipating your needs)

I heard from a therapist once that it’s beneficial for anyone to know their needs and anticipate them. Anticipating needs is something you should do. Knowing that you’ll be needing money for your phone bill next month can help you cut down your spendings now so you are able to pay that bill later.

When it comes to money, it is good to think in the future.

Money loves the future and is not very attached to the present moment. Worse, if you’re spending money because you want to live every moment you’re doing a disservice to you and your bank account.

Money likes when you’re thinking about it long-term. It likes budgeting, saving (for a rainy day, yeah), paying bills before they’re due and so on.

If you haven’t gotten into the mindset of the future you yet, try to do that. The future you would love to have more than enough money (or food) and wouldn’t like living the consequences of your ‘living in the moment’ mentality.

8. It’s fun and interactive!

Buying in bulk is fun because you’ll have time to come up with different recipes at home. Instead of blowing money off on restaurant meals, you can have a sexy cooking session with your significant other or a fun one with your kid. Isn’t that nice?

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