My name is Marlena Eva and I’m a Romanian copywriter living abroad.

I’m gonna start this About Page by telling you a little fun but controversial story.

Here we go.

The Story

Once upon a time lived a Persian farmer named Ali Hafaed. He owned a large farm with plenty of crops that he’d consume year-round.

One day a Buddhist priest came over to bless his home and tell the story of how God made the world.

‘This world was once a mere bank of fog’, he started. ‘and the Almighty thrust his finger in this bank of fog and began slowly to move it around, increasing the speed until, at last he whirled this bank of fog into a solid ball of fire.

Then it went rolling through the universe, burning its way through other banks of fog, and condensed the moisture without, until it fell in floods of rain upon its hot surface, and cooled the outward crust.

Then, the internal fires bursting outward through the crust threw up the mountains and hills, the valleys, the plains, and prairies of this wonderful world of ours.

If this internal molten mass came bursting out and cooled very quickly it became granite; less quickly copper, less quickly silver, less quickly gold and, after gold, diamonds were made.’

‘A diamond is an actual deposit of carbon from the sun’ , the old priest said.

He continued saying that if he had one diamond the size of his thumb, he could purchase the County and, if he had a mine of diamonds, he could place his children upon thrones through the influence of their great wealth.

Ali Hafaed then went to bed thinking like a poor man. He wished he had those diamonds and, obsessed with the thought of possessing the treasure, he decided to look for it everywhere in the world.

He first sold his farm and left his family in the care of his relatives. Then, he began traveling extensively and ended up spending his entire fortune on laborious searches for diamonds.

He first looked for them in Persia, then in Palestine and, when his wealth came to an end, he found himself on the bay of Barcelona, hopeless, tired and sick.

In a moment of poor judgement, he leaped into the bay and took his own life.

Later on, Ali Hafaefd’s successor to the land (the one who bought the farm) was out with his camel at a river on the land.

When the camel bent down to drink water, he spotted some sparks of light into the river. The farmer noticed it was a stone, so he then grabbed it and brought it home with him.

The old Buddhist priest came back to visit Ali Hafaed however, he was disappointed to learn that the wealthy farmer hasn’t returned from his trip.

When the priest caught a glimpse of the sparkling stone sitting on a table he said loudly ‘That’s a diamond. I know a diamond when I see it.’

Ali Hafaed’s successor didn’t really believe it but then followed the priest outside to the river and helped him dig up the sand.

After a lot of digging, they saw their hands full of sparkling diamonds, one more beautiful than the other.

This farmland was later declared the ‘diamond mine of Golconda’.

Had Ali Hafaed remained at home and dug in the land under his feet instead of wandering like a wretched man in all corners of the world, poor and sick in body and mind, he would have had ‘acres of diamonds’.

The Meaning Of The Story

Even if the story is old, you know that it applies to every one of us. It shows how fear, need, and desperation created by a poverty-stricken mind lead to loss of faith, loss of money and even loss of life.

I am sure everyone has acted like Ali Hafaed in the story at least once.

Maybe you called your boyfriend too often or forced him to commit to you way sooner than he wanted and you lost him as a result. (you searched for love outside yourself)

Or you took that job that paid really well but which you hated instead of that job you liked doing but that was poorly compensated and ended up losing the first one due to fatigue or burnout.

Instead, you could have chosen the lovely job and asked for a raise.

The point is that a poverty-stricken mind will wreak havoc in your life.

If you find yourself thinking thoughts of poverty or lack, don’t despair.

First, recognize the fact that your finances are screwed and then do something to remedy them. You should definitely ask the help of a financial therapist because, having limiting beliefs about money or worse, trauma and mental health issues is what’s gonna keep you poor for years to come.

If you want to build wealth (and I hope you do), you first need to get your mental affairs in order.

In order to do that, start learning every single day about the power of your subconscious mind, make your mind your number one priority. Do mental diets to keep destructive thoughts at bay and invest money in training your mind to help you accomplish your financial goal.

Go over my blog and read the stuff I put out weekly. Start somewhere.

In the end, it doesn’t matter WHEN you’re going to achieve financial independence but that YOU ARE GOING TO ACHIEVE IT.

And remember to be patient with yourself. You have lived your entire life with the thoughts of lack and poverty thus, it is not easy to change these thoughts overnight.

You are on your way to change and that’s GOOD ENOUGH.

Much love,